Journalists love to compete for meaningless scoops about vacuous politicians

Need evidence that most corporate journalists see politics as a game, like sport? Over to you, Politico:

Fox News has been making a serious charge about mainstream political reporters: They hate Sarah Palin.

This is not just wrong, it’s absurd. The reality is exactly the opposite: We love Palin.

And if Palin does not exactly love us, she’s smart enough to recognize how quickly reporters devour every provocative remarkinfluence in Republican politics. she utters. She knows how to exploit our weakness to guarantee herself exposure far out of proportion to her actual

It’s a tangled, symbiotic affair—built on mutual dependency and mutual enabling.

For the media, Palin is great at the box office. Among modern American political figures, she is second only to Barack Obama in generating clicks (for Web sites like this one) and ratings (for the cable news networks hungering around the clock for fresh material.)

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