Just helping the kids

The vast majority of mainstream media lives and works close to the establishment, unwilling or unable to challenge the order of society because their livelihood relies on supporting the status-quo.

MSNBC correspondent Tucker Carlson is the perfect example of this phenomenon.

During last week’s Republican National Convention, Carlson was attending an event sponsored by arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. When asked if he knew what the company did and that they “produce ballistic missiles for some of the 6,000 nuclear warheads around the United States”, he replied:

Let me put it this way. As you sleep—and I assume that you, as an American, sleep soundly—these are the people making certain you and your children are not murdered. That would be another way of describing what they do.

Yes, Lockheed Martin is a humanitarian organisation. The ability of the ruling class to utterly ignore the effects of its policies on the civilians of the non-Western world is both shocking yet unsurprising.

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