Kissing Israel is not what she needs

A letter-writer in The Jewish Week can’t understand why militant Zionists aren’t regarded as “pro-peace”:

Why does your paper, as well as other Jewish and secular papers, continue to refer to organizations like the J Street Lobby, Americans for Peace Now, New Israel Fund and Israel Policy Forum as pro-peace? They are left-wing and extreme left-wing groups that believe that a piece of paper signed by the Palestinians and Arab governments will deliver peace to Israel. Zionist Organization of America and other groups believe in peace through strength, rather than through appeasement. Yet you don’t refer to them as pro-peace. You either refer to them by name or as a right-wing group. To be fair to all groups, refer to all only by name. Alternatively, those that support agreements and Israeli withdrawals should be labelled left wing and those on the other side should be called right wing. I would hope, that whichever side one is on, we are all pro-peace for Israel.

Silver Spring, Md.

Maybe it’s because hardline Zionist groups have no interest whatsoever in finding peace with the Palestinians.

It’s bad for business and is fundamentally against their core belief; namely, indefinitely oppressing Arabs.

A prominent “liberal” Jewish blogger disagrees.

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