Let the light in before it’s too late

The global economic crisis is causing chaos across the world.

But it’s pathetic to read fears that people should worry about Jews being targeted by the fall-out.

The ever-growing obsession of the Jewish community about itself continues.

The world doesn’t revolve around the Jews, believe it or not. We aren’t more special than anybody else. We’re the same, as flawed, brilliant, pathetic and human as the rest.

Such thoughts aren’t helped by a Jewish leader feeling sorry for Jewish (but Zionist!) con-man Bernie Madoff.

I like Phil Weiss’s comment at the end of his report on leading Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi’s recent appearance at a Brooklyn synagogue (see, things truly are changing, but the establishment will resist and resist and resist):

We used to be the smartest people in the world. Zionism is destroying our capacity to think.

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