Listen to the people, finally

Like so many issues, the American public is far ahead of the vast majority of the political and media elite (despite Obama’s recent, tentative overtures towards Cuba):

A majority of Americans feel that it is time to try a new approach to Cuba, according to a national poll by More specifically, the public favors lifting the ban on travel to Cuba for Americans and re-establishing diplomatic relations as well as other changes. By a wide margin the American public believes that increasing trade and travel will lead Cuba to become more open and democratic rather than having the effect of strengthening the Communist regime…

A majority (59%) of the American public endorses the view that it is “time to try a new approach to Cuba, because Cuba may be ready for a change”. Thirty-nine percent of Americans endorsed the opposing position on this issue, that “the Communist Party is still in control; therefore the US should continue to isolate Cuba.”

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