Making the occupation as comfortable as possible

The IDF, just like a friendly brother who cares deeply for everyone around him:

The “Shock Vehicle” is outfitted with new systems to deal with disorder. In addition, it can remove obstacles weighing half a ton. As of next month, it will be put to use in all IDF West Bank units.

The new system will assist IDF soldiers in the West Bank to wrestle with roadway obstacles without leaving the armored vehicle. The “Shock Vehicle,” equipped with tear gas launchers, is designed to lead the convoy of vehicles during arrests or disturbances, assuring the progress of the other vehicles without exposing IDF soldiers to rocks or Molotov cocktails thrown at them.

Military sources hope that in the near future the “Shock Vehicle” will be equipped with additional advanced systems geared to dealing with disturbances and demonstrations, such as foul smell and noise emitting systems.

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