Maybe the Jews should be a little more trusting

How much do we know about Israeli spying activities in the US?

And, writes blogger Richard Silverstein, Zionist influence in the American political cycle should be exposed:

I’ve been informed by a confidential source that in September 2008, before one of the presidential debates, an Israeli operative attempted unsuccessfully to meet with a debate panelist in order to plant a question about war against Iran: would the candidates take military action against that country or accept a nuclear armed Iran?…  The Israelis did NOT want any question that asked what the candidates might do if Israel attacked Iran.…  This is probably because they want to plant in the minds of Americans that war with Iran may be necessary.…  That way, if Israel does attack, the news will not be such a shock.…  But they do not want Americans to think too long and hard about Israel being the initiator of such a conflict.…  That would give them time to think about the reasons why this might not be such a good idea.

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