Morning Star assesses The Palestine Laboratory

The British newspaper Morning Star positively reviews my new book, The Palestine Laboratory, in an article written by Bob Newland:

This book, dedicated “in solidarity with the Palestinians and Israelis fighting for a just future” is a very effective contribution to that cause.

An outstanding work of investigative journalism, it exposes the close links between Israel, the US and repressive regimes throughout the world.

It catalogues extensively how Israel has developed its arms industry through the occupation of Palestinian lands and promoted it through decades of suppression of Palestinian rights.

Loewenstein grew up in Australia, the child of refugees from Nazi Germany. As he studied Israel he came to believe that the policies of the state of Israel represent a threat to its Jewish population rather than offering a safe haven.

He became an avid supporter of Palestinian rights and an opponent of apartheid Israel.

After four years (2016-20) living in East Jerusalem, he is convinced that a two-state solution is no longer viable — that the security of the Jewish people in Israel can only be served by a “one-state solution … where all its citizens can live equally.”

Loewenstein focuses on the “commercialisation of an extreme form of nationalism.” This is powerfully represented by Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing zionist coalition which protects corruption, exports repression and seeks to establish Israel as an exclusively Jewish state by expelling the remaining Palestinians and colonising their lands.

Read the whole piece: Books Ultra-nationalism and its many markets | Morning Star

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