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– An update on the current situation in Nepal. Is the King serious about peace and democracy? Don’t count on it.

– In violation of international law and the so-called “Road Map”, Israel announces construction of yet more houses in West Bank settlements and Hamas wins big in local Palestinian elections.

– Israel’s former top general claims that Saddam moved his WMD to Syria before the 2003 invasion. This story has circulated for years, despite no evidence, but the mainstream media keeps printing it.

– The Iraqi elections saw a large turn-out and a likely win for religious parties closely aligned with Iran. Many Iraqis want an end to the US occupation, though this election will not lead to a full US withdrawal. That will not happen for years, if ever. If the US wanted to create a Western-friendly state in the Middle East, they will be sorely disappointed. So much for building “democracy” in the region. There have been so many “milestones” since 2003, it is difficult to believe this election will bring any relief from the insurgency, Shiite backed militias, a largely unreported air war and privatisation of the country’s oil.

– Australia is not a racist country but the greatest place on Earth, says John Howard. And the fairy godmother is Jewish.

– Bush says the Iraq war is good for Israel, but many American Jews aren’t so sure. An Islamic state aligned with Iran. Yep, score one for the Zionists.

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