Same old story

At least somebody in the Israeli political mainstream is telling the truth:

“Labor Party’s campaign manager Motti Morel’s comments insinuating that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wished to cause a flare up in the territories on Thursday raised a political storm, as Kadima officials urged Labor Chairman Amir Peretz to fire Morel, to prove that he does not support Morels views.

“Morel told Israel Radio on Thursday that the renewal of the targeted assassinations policy was intended to cause an escalation of the security situation on the eve of the elections, an escalation which would serve Sharon.

“Morel said that Sharon was trying to divert public discourse from the social to the security arena, and intimated that Sharon has the power to influence the number of terror attacks which take place. According to Morel, several months ago, when targeted assassinations were not employed ‘there were no Qassams and no terror attacks.'”

Morel was simply articulating typical Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. Before the outbreak of the 2000 Intifada, the Israeli establishment was determined to escalate the troubles and cause an uprising, crushing Palestinian ambitions once and for all.

They failed.

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