Not taking it anymore

Despotic regimes in the Middle East, many of which are backed by the West, should never tolerate abuses against journalists. And the media is fighting back:

Journalists’ unions in membership of the International Federation of Journalists from 12 countries across the Arab World and Iran have launched a comprehensive programme of work focused on safety, press freedom, ethics and improving working conditions following a three day conference in Casablanca 19/21st May.

“Journalists are standing up for solidarity and stronger union organisation across the region,” said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President. “This programme will create a powerful regional force to lead the struggle for journalists’ rights.”

Participants committed themselves to two IFJ key programmes – the Breaking the Chains press freedom campaign and the global Ethical Journalism Initiative.

Participants finalised the IFJ’s regional press freedom report which spotlights violations of journalists’ rights and calls for the release of imprisoned reporters and media staff. It was agreed to organise a regional day of solidarity with victimised journalists.

It is the duty of Western reporters to express solidarity with writers, journalists or bloggers in repressive regimes, no matter their political persuasion.

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