Occupiers aren’t democratic by definition (listen Israel)

J Street talks about a Jewish democracy in the Middle East but these actions below in East Jerusalem, just the latest in a series of outrageous attempts by Israel to evict Palestinians from their rightful homes, is the sign of a nation utterly opposed to the rule of law:

And here’s yet more evidence, via The Palestine Note blog, of what religious, Jewish fundamentalism is doing to Israel:

In a very rare interview, Major Adrian Agassi, who serves as a judge for the Army courts in the West Bank, reveals some of his personal beliefs. Agassi told the Guardian that a peace agreement with the Palestinians “goes against nature”.

“When we [Israelis] say that this is a political conflict, then we lose the battle,” he told the Guardian, adding that it should be remembered that the ancient land of Israel is “given to us by the Bible, not by some United Nations.”

Agassi, one of the most important officials in the military courts wielding authority over large parts of the West Bank, says settling Jews on lands that made up ancient Israel stands above all other biblical commandments and only when it is done can they have “a promised land and a promised life.”

“You say that these lands ‘passed into Jewish hands’. Others would say that they came back into Jewish hands. Others would say that they are obviously ours, inherently,” he said. It was, he claims, a mistake to call it the State of Israel. “If we would have named it the State of Jews, the Arabs would have understood that this land belongs to the Jews.”

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