On Utoya: book on murder, far-right, racism and hate

In 2011 Norwegian… Anders Breivik murdered dozens of his countrymen and women in a rampage of hatred.… 
Soon after, three Australians, Tad Tietze, Liz Humphrys and Guy Rundle, edited a collection,… On Utoya, about the event. My chapter was about the growing connections between the far-right and Israel.
The e-book has now been released as a free PDF. They write:

On July 22, 2011,… Anders Breivik, a Right-wing writer and activist, killed more than sixty young members of the Norwegian Labour Party on Utøya island. Captured alive, Breivik was more than willing to explain his actions as a ”˜necessary atrocity’ designed to ”˜wake up’ Europe to its betrayal by the Left, and its impending destruction through immigration and multiculturalism.

Following these events Guy Rundle, Tad Tietze and I collaborated to edit, within… three months of the killings,… On Utøya. The ebook was… a challenge to anyone who would seek to portray the… events in Norway as anything other than what they were… – a violent mass assassination, directed against the Left, to terrorise people into silence and submission to a far-right and Islamophobic agenda.… 

Since this time the essays have been reproduced and expanded on in numerous forms in the Australian and UK media, as well as in academic and psychiatric… journals, by the authors.

Here we provide a free open access PDF version of the book for all to read, with essays by Anindya Bhattacharyya, Antony Loewenstein, Lizzie O’Shea, Richard Seymour, Jeff Sparrow and the editors.

The book can be downloaded from academia.edu,… HERE.

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