Please don’t show our bad side, it’s just not fair

When will blind supporters of Israel realise that hiding the inherent racism of the Zionist state (and many of its supporters) merely confirms the suspicions of a growing majority; unyielding Arab-hatred is at the centre of mainstream Zionism:

The controversy surrounding journalist Max Blumenthal continues in the wake of the release of his video of intoxicated American Jews in Jerusalem insulting President Barack Obama, but he rejects the claims that the footage fuels anti-Semitism.

The video shows young American Jews, who are apparently very drunk, criticizing Obama for his Mideast policies and describing him in derogatory terms. It has also had more than 400,000 hits on YouTube.

“I have received death threats from people, mainly ones calling me a self-hating Jew. I am a self-hating Jew, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish,” Blumenthal told Haaretz this week…

“People who feel they have an emotional need to stop this video by eliminating me, that’s just a feature of right-wing psychology around the world,” Blumenthal said…

For Blumenthal, who filmed the video as part of a month spent writing stories and making videos on Israel’s politics, the racist, far-right statements made by the kids in the video are partly a result of the “indoctrination” he says he experienced firsthand during his time on a Taglit Birthright trip, a program which sends young Diaspora Jews to Israel to reconnect with their Jewish roots.

“I know this from my time on Birthright in 2002, and I was told that right where Israel signed the Declaration of Independence – I was told by an official Israeli tour guide that one day there would be a wave of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and we would have to flee to Israel, and he said that this wave would come about with a tone like he hoped it would happen because the Diaspora would have to be brought together. An official tour guide! This was one of the many moments that got me thinking.”

Yes, the real concern for Jews is slamming the messenger. How about addressing the reasons behind Zionist indoctrination and contempt for Palestinians?

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