Please sir, can we buy the bomb?

Yet more revelations that shows Israel as a nation like any other; ruthless and unprincipled:

An apartheid-era cabinet minister carried a “nuclear trigger” to South Africa from Israel as part of Pretoria’s efforts to build an atom bomb, according to a report in a Johannesburg newspaper.

Two renowned South African journalists have revealed that Eschel Rhoodie, the apartheid government’s information minister who played a central role in establishing military ties to Israel, privately described in 1979 how he had transported “the trigger” as hand luggage on a flight from Tel Aviv. But they say they were unable to publish the account at the time because of censorship and the former minister’s concerns for his safety.

Allister Sparks – who in the 70s was editor of the influential but now defunct Rand Daily Mail – said he decided to go public with Rhoodie’s admission, despite previous guarantees of secrecy, following last week’s revelations in the Guardian and in a new book, The Unspoken Alliance, that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to apartheid South Africa.

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