Poll: half of Israeli teens don’t want Arab students in their classroom

Hello, apartheid state:

Sixty four percent of… Israeli teens aged 15 to 18… say that Arab Israelis do not… enjoy full equal rights in Israel, and from that group, 59 percent… believe that they should not have full equal rights, according to a special survey prepared for the “Education in the Digital Age” conference held in Haifa on Monday.

The survey also revealed that 96 percent of the respondents… want Israel to be a Jewish and democratic state, but 27 percent… believe that those who object should be tried in court, and 41 percent… support stripping them of their citizenship.

In answer to a question if they would be willing to learn in a classroom with one or more students with special needs, 32 percent… answered in the negative. When the question was asked regarding Arab students, 50 percent… of respondents answered in the negative. In addition, 23 percent… said that they wouldn’t want gays or lesbians in their class.

The survey was conducted by Professor Camil Fuchs from the Statistics Department of Tel Aviv University, in cooperation with the company Sample Project. The poll included about 500… people between the ages of 15 and 18. The conference has been… sponsored by “Reshet Shocken,” in cooperation with Haifa City Council.

The poll also revealed that 40 percent… of Jewish youth have never been a part of a youth group, and 45 percent… have never volunteered in any capacity.

In regard to motivation to serve in the IDF, 83 percent… said that they don’t doubt that they will serve, but about half said that they have friends that do not plan on enlisting.

More than half of the survey’s respondents, 59 percent, said that they did not want to serve in combat units of the army. In response to a question of whether they would refuse to serve in the territories, 24 percent… said they would refuse, 47 percent… said that they would not refuse, and the remainder had not yet decided.

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