Prosecute Wikileaks and put reporting in jeopardy

Glenn Greenwald signals the fight:

…It is impossible to invent theories to indict them without simultaneously criminalizing much of investigative journalism.

Bob… Woodward’s whole purpose in life at this point is to cajole, pressure and even manipulate government officials to disclose classified information to him for him to publish in his books, which he routinely does. … Does that make him a criminal “conspirator”?… … Under the DOJ’s theory, it would.…  All of this underscores one unavoidable fact:… … there is no way to prosecute Assange and WikiLeaks without criminalizing journalism because WikiLeaks is engaged in pure journalistic acts:… … uncovering and publicizing the secret conduct of the world’s most powerful factions. … It is that conduct — and not any supposed crime — which explains why the DOJ is so desperate to prosecute.

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