Put your hand up if you want to bomb Gaza?

Let’s see how much coverage in the West this receives (hint: nothing).

Promised Land blog in Israel highlights the casual racism that permeates the Jewish state:

What would we say if a poll by Iranian or Palestinian television station presented the public with the option of completely destroying Israel? Because this is exactly what Keshet (Channel 2) – Israel’s most watched networked – did on their site’s daily poll today.

To the question “what is your opinion on Iron Dome (Israel’s new anti-missile project), the possible answers were: (a) It’s about time; (b) I don’t trust it; (c) we need negotiations; (d) destroy Gaza.

Right now, 51 percent of the people who answered the survey chose option D. But the real problem is that nobody should post such surveys to begin with, just as you don’t ask your readers if they support rape.

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