The deep reach of Zionist lobby in the Australian Parliament and society

One of the new Australian leaders of the Israel-first brigade is millionaire Albert Dadon, who founded the Australia-Israel Leadership Forum. What’s that? Taking journalists and politicians to Zionist Israel and making them realise that uncritical praise for its glorious democracy is the way it must be, now and always. Being wined and dined clearly helps the participants love apartheid Israel. Occupation? Racial discrimination against Arabs? Moves to silence dissent inside Israel? All totally ignored, of course.

We now have, thanks to Greens leader Bob Brown, the list of politicians and journalists who took the junket last year. The fact that so many were willing to be taken on a propaganda tour (and how many even thought of visiting the West Bank for longer than five minutes, let alone Gaza?) shows the level of obedience to the Zionist agenda in Australian elite circles. Thankfully, studies prove that the general public are increasingly supportive of the occupied Palestinians:

Annex 1: The Australian Delegation-Australia Israel Leadership Forum 2010

# Title First Name Surname
1 The Hon. Kevin Andrews MP
2 Sen. Guy Barnett MP
3 Sen. Mark Bishop
4 Dr John Byron
5 Sen. Kim Carr
6 Mr Steven Ciobo MP
7 Mr Ron Cross
8 Mrs Debbie Dadon…»
9 Mr Albert …«Dadon AM
10 Mr Michael Danby MP
11 Mr David Dinte
12 Mr Eitan Drori
13 Mrs Mary Easson
14 Ms Amanda Easson
15 HE Andrea Faulkner
16 Sen. Mitch Fifield
17 Mr Con Gallin
18 Mr Rohan Ganeson
19 The Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM MP
20 Mr Peter Khalil
21 Mrs Lydia Khalil
22 Master Yong-Sup Kimm
23 Prof Douglas Kirsner
24 Mr Maha Krishnapillai
25 Ms Naomi Levin
26 Mr Steve Lewis
27 Dr Marion Lustig
28 Mr Richard Marles MP
29 Sen. Brett Mason
30 Mr Yair Miller
31 Ms Kelly O’Dwyer MP
32 Mr Mark Paterson
33 The Hon. Christopher Pyne MP
34 Mr Bernie Ripoll MP
35 The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP
36 Senator Scott Ryan
37 Mr Emmanuel Santos
38 Mr Tom Scotnicki
39 Mr Greg Sheridan
40 Ms Kristy Somers
41 Mr Niv Tadmore
42 Ms Lenore Taylor
43 Mr Evan Thornley
44 Mr Chris Uhlmann
45 Mr Tony Walker
46 Mr John Weiss
47 Mr Antonio Zeccola
48 Ms Margaret Andrews
49 Ms Shelley Kelly
50 Ms Amanda Mendes Da Costa
51 Ms Jessie Sheridan
52 Ms Nicola Wright
53 Dr Carl Ungerer
54 Mr Thom Woodroofe
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