The glorious Afghan war is money down the drain (into the pockets of thugs)

This is what US/Australian/British liberation looks like:

A lack of U.S. coordination compounded by Afghan foot-dragging has stymied efforts to track billions of aid dollars poured into Afghanistan’s economy in the past decade, providing potential opportunities to launder money and finance the insurgency, according to Afghan officials and a new U.S. government audit.

The audit, released Wednesday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or Sigar, faulted both Afghan and U.S. agencies for failing to tighten controls over Afghanistan’s financial sector. The report focuses on fumbled efforts to monitor large amounts of cash moved through the country’s main commercial airport. The money is intended for aid and reconstruction efforts.

“Because of the level of corruption in Afghanistan and the continuing insurgency, the U.S. government’s lack of visibility over its funds is a significant concern,” the audit states. “Reports of as much as $10 million a day in cash leaving the Kabul International Airport have added to these concerns.”

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