“The Harvard of anti-terrorism”

A long essay/quasi-review has been published in The Conversation by Monash University’s Kevin Foster. It’s an interesting read through the sordid history and present-day reality of Israel’s “security” policies.

An extract:

In The Palestine Laboratory, Loewenstein does not merely indict Israel for its failure to live up to the promise of its founding principles and its leading role in the supply, sustainment and normalisation of a border-industrial complex. He also condemns Europe, the US, Australia and the West for their politicisation of fear of the outsider, their receptiveness to divisive demagoguery, and their moral complicity in the immiseration of millions who live under occupation and oppression, and the millions more who roam the Earth in search of safe harbour. Israel may have lost its way, but once-civilised nations seem to be following it into the darkness.

Read the whole piece: The Harvard of anti-terrorism: how Israel’s military-industrial complex feeds the global arms trade

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