The Holocaust victims learn nothing

Israel’s slaughter in Gaza goes on. Latest news here, here, here, here, here and here.

The real aim, largely ignored by the hopeless Western media? My friend and US colleague Souad Dajani writes:

I’d add that Israel’s declaration (yesterday) that it would open crossing points into Gaza for humanitarian aid was meant to tell the world, “look how wonderful and caring we are, we’re allowing food in to Palestinians, and they respond with missile attacks!”

Of course there’s no context there either – a blockade that’s almost 3-years old, and which has reduced some among the Gazan population to eat grass for their meals.

In any case, even though duly reported by our esteemed media, Israel’s magnanimous humanitarian gesture had no time to sink in before today’s vicious raids. No matter, the compliant media is duly reporting that Israel is hitting “Hamas targets” in retaliation for Palestinian missile attacks.

Where is this headed? Why now? Is all this to present Obama with new fait accompli of whatever nature before he takes office?

As a Jew, Israel’s current behaviour makes me sick and ashamed.

And it will solve nothing.

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