The luxury of distance and money

Sometimes, Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein nails it:

Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. spoke in Canada yesterday, each earning more than $150K for the gig. Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone possessing enough wisdom to be worth paying such a sum to them for dispensing it. But I guess enough people are star struck that they (or their employer) is prepared to pay a max of $2,500 a pop.

But this interchange between Clinton and Bozo Bush really put the entire proceeding in perspective.…  Who needs to hear a friggin’ presidential love fest between these two:

When Mr. Clinton said one of his biggest regrets was the lack of United States action during the mass killings in Rwanda, saying “I have no defense,” Mr. Bush responded, “I think you’re being a little tough on yourself.”

This is the guy responsible for making a mess out of Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, the war on Al Qaeda (including the failure to capture Osama bin Laden), the U.S. Constitution (Abu Graibh, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, waterboarding, military tribunals, NSA warrantess wiretaps), the economic meltdown, among others, and he has the balls to tell Clinton not to fret about Rwanda, and that the killing of 800,000 human beings wasn’t something he should lose any sleep over??

The unmitigated chutzpah!

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