The “other” Peter Slezak

The following “clarification” appears in today’s Australian newspaper:

An article published in the Weekend Australian on March 15-16 (“Jewish voices in discord after Israel ad“, Page 5) quoted Peter Slezak, a founder of Independent Australian Jewish Voices, which ran the advertisement protesting parliament’s motion in support of the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel. The Australian wishes to clarify that the Dr Slezak quoted in the article is not the medical practitioner Dr Peter Slezak, who does not share the views of Independent Australian Jewish Voices or the sentiments expressed in the advertisement.

A few comments are in order. Firstly, the “other” Peter Slezak has written a number of letters to the Australian Jewish News in the last year publicly distancing himself from the Slezak that co-founded Independent Australian Jewish Voices. It’s hilarious that the medical Dr Slezak consistently feels the need to “clarify” his views to the wider world. God forbid he may be thought of as not sufficiently Zionist to his friends, family and patients. Such is the perceived need for solidarity within the “diverse” Jewish community. Maybe he could spend his time campaigning against Israel’s illegal occupation or discussing the real history of the Jewish state.

I thank the Murdoch press for again mentioning IAJV.

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