The Palestinian territories are moving further apart

More (US?) supported madness between the West Bank and Gaza:

Authoritative sources in the Fatah movement have asserted to Asharq Al-Awsat that the Palestinian leadership has decided to stop all the funds it pays to the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority’s [PA] budget apart from the salaries of its own employees.

According to the sources, this decision was taken the night before yesterday at an extraordinary meeting of the Palestinian leadership that President Mahmud Abbas called for holding. They said the PA is financing the coup in the Strip and paying the electricity, water, and fuel bills to the Israelis while the Hamas leadership waits for these supplies to reach it.

This situation is astounding. Made worse by the fact that there are currently tens of thousands of Fatah employees in Gaza receiving (Western-provided) funds and yet not working because Hamas rules. I met countless Fatah people in Gaza who spend their days doing very little.

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