The public speak (and the elite doesn’t listen)

Greg Mitchell (editor of Editor and Publisher), December 10:

The most idiotic campaign punditry in recent days has been the assertion that the Iraq war as an issue is so over. Like, so last summer. It reached a climax today, Tuesday, with David Brooks’ column in The New York Times declaring that we are now in the “postwar” period. Brooks calls this suddenly “a postwar election,” repeating that phrase several times. The public, he suggests, is changing from “a war mentality to a peace mentality.”

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has more and explains yet again that the punditry class are so out of step with public opinion – the last polls still say that most Americans believe the Iraq war was a mistake – that their job these days is simply to prove their worthiness and importance.

A fact-free zone, in other words.

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