The Tony and George love affair (aka why can’t we start more wars?)

Pass the bucket:

Tony Blair’s forthcoming memoirs will read like a ‘love letter’ to George W Bush, insiders claim.

The autobiography will praise the former U.S. president, with whom Mr Blair launched the controversial invasion of Iraq in 2003, as ‘highly intelligent’ and ‘visionary’.

The former prime minister is wheeling out his wife Cherie and their four children to publicise the book, entitled A Journey, across the Atlantic.

They will appear at a glitzy awards ceremony in the U.S. at which Mr Blair, who led Britain into four wars, will receive a medal to celebrate his efforts towards peace.

It will be the first time the whole family have been seen together since he left office in 2007.

News of the publicity efforts comes as agreed to give the profits from his book – expected to be almost …£5million – to the Royal British Legion simply to ensure it is not a flop.

There had been fears that many would refuse to buy the memoirs rather than line the pockets of a man they accuse of having started an illegal war.

Insiders who have seen drafts of the autobiography say it showers praise on Mr Bush as the only politician in the world with the ‘courage and commitment’ to take on Al Qaeda.

A source said: ‘It is basically an extended love letter. Tony says he was wowed by Bush’s strength, courage and conviction and saw him as a highly intelligent and visionary friend.

‘It’s the biggest and most unapologetic defence of Bush and his ideas ever written.’

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