This is just the beginning of the pressure Rajapaksa will feel

The poor war criminals are under threat:

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa charged that certain elements are trying to portray a picture that country was going towards a totalitarian rule and said that these reactionary elements wanted to take him to the electric chair on war crimes allegations.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa speaking at an opening ceremony of Public Library in Colombo district said that those with vested interest carry out this malicious propaganda in English web sites to convince the international community that Sri Lanka is a failed state and the rulers are uncivilized and violate international conventions.

Citing an example the President said that certain English web site publish news to the effect the President has scolded the Chief Justice of the superior court. This was an attempt by certain elements to create a rift between the President and the Chief Justice he said

“I did not meet the Chief Justice since my inauguration ceremony for the second term in office on November 19th, so how could I have possibly scolded him? President Rajapaksa asked.

“All these are a calculated move to discredit the rulers of the country before the international community to portray a bad picture of Sri Lanka” President declared

He appealed not to engage in this miserable mud slinging campaign as it would do much harm to the country and its people.

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