Tone down the Obama love

Mondoweiss writes:

Sharing a cab to JFK, business for him, a frolic for me, Antony Loewenstein challenged me, If Israel bombs Iran, then you really… have to get over your adoration of Obama.

But I said I wouldn’t. I would say… that Obama was compelled to accept the disaster, against the very fiber of his beliefs, because of the power of the lobby in political life (and I related… Felice Gelman’s conversation with Obama before he pandered at AIPAC).

Getting out of the cab, Loewenstein said that I ascribe too much power to the lobby, including the idea that we wouldn’t be in Iraq but for the lobby. I said Yes I do think that, probably. Then he got on a plane.

This post must not… be interpreted as giving Obama a green light to a clear conscience.

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