War will end

The US military is desperate for cannon fodder (sorry, recruits.) Numbers are way down. What to do? Introduce the draft, writes the Chicago Tribune. “The American citizenry is not being asked for any sacrifice”, we’re told. Really? All those US casualties must be very insignificant. “A draft for the 21st Century is the only answer to our national security needs”, the paper booms. “Above all, a compulsory national service program would give our youth – and future leaders – a shaping civic experience. The revival of the citizen soldier can only be to the advantage of the armed services and the nation.”

The quickest way to end further imperial follies is to reintroduce the draft. The public outrage at such a measure would cause protests the scale of which we havn’t seen in decades. The fact that a major US paper is discussing such a proposal suggests a dire situation within military ranks.

Reintroduce the draft. End the war in Iraq.

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