We wish you still believed the Exodus story

The Jerusalem Post reports on growing fears in the US that Israel is failing to impress the West anymore (occupation and wars in Gaza will do that):

Nina Tannenwald, an associate research professor of international relations at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies, explained that the Israeli self-perception of an underdog was no longer a widely accepted narrative outside of Israel – another factor which now must be taken into account.

“I’ve been struck by the way the Israeli self-narrative of a besieged underdog, no longer resonates to outside observers,” she said.

“That was a narrative that I think had a lot of truth earlier on in Israel’s history, but I think there’s a widespread perception that that self-narrative doesn’t resonate with the outside world, given that Israel is now the world’s 14th or 15th most powerful military country,” she continued. “And so there’s a disconnect between how Israelis see themselves in their situation, and how observers outside see it, and that is a disconnect that needs addressing.”

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