Young Tamils take up the fight

This site has reguarly discussed the massacres in Sri Lanka and the oppression of the Tamil people.

For the global Tamil Diaspora, the war is far from over. Time magazine reports:

Many Tamil youth living around the world became committed to raising awareness of Sri Lanka’s plight in the West after they visited their parents’ country between 2002 and 2008, a period of truce between troops and the Tigers, and saw how their families were living there. Vasuki Guna, a 20-year-old university student in Australia, says she can’t forget images of children running through a landmine-cleared field or an infant cousin screaming at the sound of a firecracker, confusing it with a grenade. “You come back and can’t get the images out of your mind,” Guna says. “After I saw that, I was so much more active in organizing campaigns. We have no control of Sri Lanka’s government and its corruption, but we haven’t just washed our hands. We’re determined to fix it.”

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