What next, Rajapaksa wins Nobel Peace Prize?

This just proves that massacring Tamil civilians isn’t a bar to participating in front of the world:

Mahinda Rajapaksa to join Prince Edward at ceremony despite allegations of human rights abuses by Colombo governmentMahinda Rajapaksa, the controversial president of Sri Lanka, is locate to be the guest of honour at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in India, on Thursday night.Diplomatic sources and protocol officials in Delhi today confirmed that Rajapaksa had accepted a “joint” invitation from the Indian administration and the event organisers, and would be flying to India on Wednesday.His presence following to Prince Edward, who will close the games on behalf of the Queen, will spark rage from campaigners who have accused Rajapaksa of failing to protect many thousands of civilians who died in battles which finished the extended civil war against Tamil separatists at the end year, and of flouting international human rights code.

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