What price for real security? Melbourne Writer's Festival on Profits of Doom

Today, on 11 September, ABC1 and ABC Big Ideas… screens the following… (and I discuss my recent book Profits of Doom):

Personal, economic, geopolitical security – this is the panel discussion from the… Melbourne Writers Festival.
Who gets to make the decisions in these arenas? And why are we so damned anxious and insecure in this continuing period of affluence? Why are whinging when we’ve had 23 years of uninterrupted growth?
And why is it happening in this country that boasts an anti-authoritarian persona, but in reality, has a very obedient streak?
The panellists who raise these questions are: writer and filmmaker,… Antony Loewenstein;… Brendan Gleeson, professor of urban planning at Melbourne University;… Desmond Manderson… from the College of Law at the ANU and… George Megalogenis, political journalist and blogger with… The Australian.… Julianne Schultz, founding editor of the… Griffith REVIEW… is the moderator.
So, insecurity, national anxiety, secularism, cowardice, conformity, why we’re saddled with dud political leaders; they’re some of the issues in this discussion, along with a good dose of anarchism.

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