What sensible Jews should support

Following the worldwide release last week of a Jewish petition opposing a military strike against Iran – signed by any number of Jews from across the world, including Noam Chomsky and yours truly – now this from the neo-con Commentary blog:

Speaking of useful idiots, last week activist website The Struggle published an appeal in defense of Iran and against a military attack on the Islamic Republic, signed by 150 Jewish activists, intellectuals and other such types–including the ever-mobilized Noam Chomsky, Uri Davis, Moshe Machover, Avi Shlaim and Antony Loewenstein.

The communiqué, the organizational affiliations of some of its signatories, and the comments included require little additional comment beyond what’s been said in the past about these “Good” Jews and their morbid obsession with victimhood. I’d just like to note here that among the signatories there is one Professor Bertell Ollman. Ollman, in the pages of Tikkun, published in 2005 a “Letter of Resignation from the Jewish People.” In it, he said that he “was appalled to finish my life with my umbilical cord still tied to a people with whom I can no longer identify.” So how come he’s now signing himself as a Jew?

So let me guess this straight. Speaking publicly against aggression towards Iran should be ridiculed by “serious” commentators, but threatening to attack the Islamic Republic is a responsible course of action. And nowhere did we support Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his regime. It’s as intellectually dishonest as suggesting that opposing war against Saddam in 2003 meant supporting his mad dictatorship. Hardly.

Militant Zionism is a cancer that desperately needs a cure.

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