Wikileaks vs NYT and I know who is most honest about the world

From a recent “debate” between Julian Assange and NYT editor Bill Keller:

Keller did get his dander up after Assange said that watching the American news media cover international events is like watching a goldfish bowl where readers pay little attention to outside perspectives.

Keller seemed to take that as a slight against the prestigious New York Times overseas correspondents. “I have to object to the idea that we’re not interested in what happens outside the U.S.,” he said. “We have 40 correspondents and stringers overseas, and we have four people who have been killed covering the wars.”

Assange said he meant no disrespect to the work of Times correspondents…  living or dead. But he did get the last word on that topic.

“I say that 40 people covering the entire world in the New York Times, which is the opinion leader of the United States, is a state of desperation,” he said.

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