Woman from Gaza confronts Zionist enforcer of status quo

For those of us in the pro-Palestinian and pro-justice community who recognise and call Israeli crimes for what they are, we must acknowledge we have a long way to go in the US:

Americans’ views toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict held fairly steady over the past year, with a near record-high 63% continuing to say their sympathies lie more with the Israelis. Seventeen percent sympathize more with the Palestinians.

And yet there are sometimes moments where the voices of the occupied are heard, albeit briefly. This, via Mondoweiss, speaks for itself:

The description on the above below only says “Gaza woman confronts MK Nachman Shai over the Gaza siege at J Street conference in Washington, DC, February 2011.”

Shai spoke Sunday at the J Street conference as part of a panel of Knesset members who attended the conference. According to an article in the Jerusalem Post written before the conferece, Shai was going to focus his remarks on “the legitimacy of Israel. [And] he said he would defend building in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and settlement blocs outside the capital.”

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