A witness to terrorism

Rachel Johnson, an Australian human rights activist with the International Solidarity Movement, was in Gaza during the recent war. I heard her speak recently in Sydney and she articulated the indiscriminate shooting, shelling and killing by the IDF in the occupied zone. She explains more:

“The huge civilian death toll is largely a result of the fact that houses were destroyed while the residents were still inside”. She said that in the village of Khoza’a, “Israeli bulldozers tried to bury more than 200 of the residents of the village alive, using debris from the bulldozed houses ”¦ When they tried to run, they were shot at … Finally they were able to crawl away and most of them survived.” However, 15 people were killed in Khoza’a on that night. In addition, 150 houses were destroyed. ”¨”¨Johnson told DA that “the bombing of houses created an intense level of fear and helplessness among the residents of Gaza”. She “often encountered the rhetorical cry ”˜Where could we go? There is nowhere that was safe. We would think to go to the school, but they bomb the schools. We would go the mosque, but they bomb the mosques.’”

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