Electronic Intifada on the how and why of testing weapons in Palestine

My interview with Nora Barrows-Friedman at the US-based Electronic Intifada on my new book, The Palestine Laboratory, is a wide-ranging discussion on how Israel tests weapons in Palestine and explains why the Jewish state has become the 10th biggest arms dealer in the world:

On episode 78, we’re joined by journalist, filmmaker and best-selling author Antony Loewenstein to talk about his latest book, The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports The Technology Of Occupation Around The World.

Loewenstein’s book is a meticulously researched exposé on how Israel tests weaponry and surveillance technology on Palestinians, perfecting what he calls the architecture of control.

He talks about Israel’s occupation and the requisite dehumanization of Palestinians as a marketing tool, and its weapons and spyware – including NSO Group’s signature Pegasus software – as Israel’s export assets.

This technology is being sold to global markets as “field-tested.”

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