Amplifying what Palestinians “need you to know”

A long, detailed and insightful review in the Sydney Review of Books by Micaela Sahhar about my book, The Palestine Laboratory, and Nick Riemer’s Boycott Theory and the Struggle for Palestine:

Both Loewenstein and Riemer have used their respective expertise to amplify what Palestinians need you to know. Their central propositions should be matters of pressing concern to the Western liberal bystander, whose hand wringing at the unpleasantries of disruption or whose turning of blind eyes to the rhetoric of the Israeli cabinet is all too common. As Loewenstein notes, when B’Tselem came to its legal conclusion that Israel is an apartheid, other human rights organisations soon followed – despite the fact that Palestinians had been saying this for years. That Riemer and Loewenstein are two credible witnesses to the Western liberal mindset – and its shortcomings – makes their books harder to ignore.

Read the whole piece: Death of the Bystander | Sydney Review of Books

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