Complaining about Israel’s image problem is futile

How times are changing.

This piece by Anshel Pfeffer in Haaretz really speaks for itself. The case against Tzipi Livni is about far more than simply Gaza:

There is a much wider issue at stake here, beyond former ministers’ and generals’ lecture engagements and holiday plans. Those who say that this is Israel’s battle for international legitimacy are only telling us part of the story. The reality is that in many countries, that battle is over, that battle has been lost. In some of the most “enlightened” nations of the Western world, identifying Israel as a racist, warmongering apartheid state is no longer a radical view, shared mainly by anti-Semites and “Arab lovers” – it has become the mainstream opinion.

As far as much of the world is concerned, Israel today is the South Africa of yesteryear. And as it was with the end of apartheid, the only remedy here is relinquishing control of the West Bank and part of Jerusalem and establishing a viable Palestinian state. The alternative is accepting our status as a pariah state.

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