Could we please just pray daily for Israel?

Following my article in yesterday’s Crikey about Saree Makdisi’s recent visit to Australia, the following letter is published today:

Josh Landis writes: I don’t get it. What does Crikey see in Antony Loewenstein and why are his rants continually published?

The latest offering says almost nothing. Summary: 200 people including about five Jews turned up to listen to an American literature professor, who happens to be nephew of a famous American of Palestinian extraction, talk about a country he doesn’t live in. Jewish representative indicates the speaker is one-sided, which is proof positive that Jews want to shut down debate and Obama can’t fix the Middle-East conflict. Hold the presses!

Loewenstein’s articles, which are generally little more than self-publicising reports of his attendance at pro-Palestinian events or his meetings with other pro-Palestinian thinkers about the Palestinian cause, contribute little in the way of news (which Crikey is about). It can’t be said he’s in any way an objective or a knowledgeable journalist on the Middle-East, on Jews or Palestinians.

His reports are just Palestinian advocacy, and not so subtle advertising for his book (each missive ends “Antony Loewenstein is a journalist and author of My Israel Question”). Can we move on?

Yes, much better if critics of Israel just shut up. Nothing to say about the occupation, settlements, wars in Gaza, apartheid in the West Bank and racism in Israel proper. Playing the man is the usual tactic of Jews who want to talk about everything except the relevant issues. And it simply proves my point over and over again.

More, please.

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