Cultural boycott gathers steam

Another day, another brave move to isolate Israel in the only language it understands:

Author Iain Banks called for a cultural and educational boycott on Israel Thursday following its deadly raid on a flotilla of ships carrying aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The author, well known for his science fiction novels and other works, said in a letter to the Guardian newspaper that he had instructed his agent to turn down any further book translation deals with Israeli publishers.

“Appeals to reason, international law, U.N. resolutions and simple human decency mean — it is now obvious — nothing to Israel,” Banks wrote.

“I would urge all writers, artists and others in the creative arts, as well as those academics engaging in joint educational projects with Israeli institutions, to … convince Israel of its moral degradation and ethical isolation, preferably by simply having nothing to do with this outlaw state,” he said.

Nine pro-Palestinian activists died Monday after Israeli forces stormed a group of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, which is currently under an import blockade Israel says is meant to prevent the passage of weapons to Gaza’s Hamas leaders.

The bands the Pixies and Gorillaz have also cancelled an upcoming Israeli visit.

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