” Everyone thinks the same thing”

How many Israeli “leftists” and usually apathetic Israelis joined patriotic fervour over the last week to defend their country and praise the actions of the IDF:

“I’m not anti-Palestinian,” said Chen Ben Dori. “I want peace. I want a country for the Palestinians. I know the blockade is the last resort and not the best way to go, but I don’t feel like we have another choice if we want to live here safely.”

Like many Israelis who are trying to present Israel’s side, she is not optimistic that the world will listen, but said that at least it feels good to be doing something. “It’s better than watching TV and reading the newspapers and grumbling,” she said.

Yoram Ben Zion is also skeptical that all these PR efforts will bear fruit. “We’re doing what we can but there’s no way to win in the end because we’re a small minority.”

“It’s not easy seeing the whole world against you,” he said. “It isn’t fun.” But he does see one silver lining in Israel’s predicament. “If there’s one good thing about the whole world hating us, it’s that suddenly we like ourselves more, that it forces us to become united. Everyone thinks the same thing. It hasn’t been like that for years.”

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