“On Oct. 7, Palestinians in Gaza escaped from their laboratory cage”

Chris Hedges is a veteran American foreign correspondent who’s reported from some of the major conflicts in the last decades.

In his latest article, Israel Is Shutting Down Its Human Laboratory In Gaza, he details the ways in which Palestine is an effective testing ground for new weapons and surveillance:

On Oct. 7, Palestinians in Gaza escaped from their laboratory cage. They went on a killing spree against their sadistic masters. Almost 12,000 Palestinians have been killed and some 30,000 wounded, including 4,700 children, since Oct. 7 in the hurricane of shells, bullets, bombs and missiles that are turning Gaza into a wasteland. Nearly 3,000 Palestinians are missing or buried under the rubble. Soon Palestinians will be convulsed by infectious diseases and starvation. Those who survive, if Israel succeeds in its ethnic cleansing, will become refugees, yet again, over the border in Egypt. There remain plenty of Palestinian test subjects in the West Bank. Gaza will be closed for business.

Hedges then outlines my book, The Palestine Laboratory, and connects the occupation of Palestine with huge numbers of conflicts around the world.

Read the whole piece: Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza

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