The Palestine Laboratory scores position in Wired magazine top books of 2023

Happy that my book, The Palestine Laboratory, has secured a spot in the top 16 books of 2023 in US magazine Wired (by journalist Kate Knibbs):

What does the Jeff-Bezos-phone-hacking incident have to do with the plight of the Palestinians? Australian-German journalist Antony Loewenstein connects the dots in this compelling, horrifying investigation. The Palestine Laboratory provides crucial context about the Israel–Hamas war, and the reality of life in the occupied Palestinian territories prior to October 7. Loewenstein examines how Israel tests weapons and surveillance technology on Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, then sells these tools and services to other countries—including places like Saudi Arabia, which has used spyware from Israel’s NSO Group.

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My book has also got a mention in the Los Angeles Times best tech books of the year list by journalist Brian Merchant: Merchant: The 10 best tech books of 2023 – Los Angeles Times

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