The Palestine Laboratory secures honourable mention in Moore Prize literary award

I’m excited to reveal that my book, The Palestine Laboratory, has received an honourable mention in the Moore Prize, an international literary and human rights award based in the UK.

As the organisation states:

Faced with a record number of high quality submissions and a remarkable shortlist, the Jury would like to recognise the other final contenders for the prize.  

An Honourable Mention goes to Antony Loewenstein for The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World (Verso Books). Loewenstein’s exposé documents the role of Israel’s military-industrial complex in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where they tested weaponry and surveillance technology. Having shown live data as to effectiveness, they exported this technology around the world, to despots and democracies alike. It is an important and powerful piece of on the ground reporting combined with extensive research about the world’s most dangerous region.

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