This is anti-Zionism

Anti-Zionism remains a contentious belief in many parts of the Jewish community (though more and more Jews are adopting this ideology).

I was interviewed by the Jewish Independent outlet about it:

Independent journalist and author Antony Loewenstein is an outspoken critic of Israel. His most recent book is The Palestine Laboratory and he has spent many years writing about the Middle-East, from here and over there. Loewenstein describes himself as an anti-Zionist because he opposes the concept of a Jewish state. “The idea of a Jewish state which gives superior rights to Jews above anybody else is by definition, discriminatory and by definition racist,” he told The Jewish Independent.

“But this view is not just because it’s a Jewish state. I have similar views and have written extensively about the concept of, for example, a Hindu fundamentalist state, which is what India is becoming, or a Christian or Muslim exclusionary state.”
Loewenstein rejects the distinction that many Jews make between criticising the occupation and supporting the state. “Of course, you can be opposed to the occupation and many Jews are. But when a state is 75 years old, and a sizeable proportion, arguably the whole population has been discriminating against non-Jews, that is the state. It’s in its DNA.”

He believes that since October 7, the number of Jews aged 18-35 espousing this view in Australia and the US has exploded because of what they are seeing happen to the Palestinians. “They are saying that if this is what a Jewish state means, then this is not a Jewish state I can support.”

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