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What some New Zealanders think about Israel

The following press release appears today:

A campaign formed in Wellington to oppose the opening of an Israeli embassy says nobody would want the embassy as its neighbour.

NIEW – No Israeli Embassy in Wellington – is a coalition set up to oppose Israel plans to open an embassy in Wellington for the first time since 2002.

NIEW spokesperson Alastair Reith says there is fierce opposition to what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinian population under occupation and its refusal to consider peace measures.

“Wherever the embassy goes it’ll be a noisy neighbourhood.  We intend to have a frequent presence and make our objections known.  We can’t make it as bad as Israel makes it for the people living under military siege in Gaza, but everyone will know we will be laying protest siege to wherever they finally locate the Embassy”.

NIEW was set up to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel, which is supported by over 70 Palestinian civil society groups.

Mr Reithsays “New Zealanders protested for boycotts divestment and sanctions against South Africa during the apartheid era, and we now need to do the same for Israel, the worlds last race based state.” .

“Israel doesn’t allow half the Palestinian population to live in historical Palestine, and most other Palestinians have been under occupation for more than 40 years without the vote.  It’s effectively a democracy only for Jews and a few Palestinians.  That’s just like in South Africa where apartheid was a state for whites and a few select blacks,”  Mr Reith says.

Mr Reith says NIEW is astonished the New Zealand government has agreed to let Israel open an embassy at this time.

“The timing is awful for a start.  How come we are inviting Israeli diplomats here at exactly the same time the British government is expelling them?”

But Mr Reith says Israeli aims and strategy have remained the same for years.

“They are just more open and arrogant about it now.”

“It’s taken decades to shift half a million Israelis into illegal settlements on the West Bank to displace Palestinians, whose homes have been bulldozed down.  New settlements are not news to the White House.  Likewise Israeli spies have been stealing and faking foreign passports for years, including our own New Zealand ones.  There is no surprise this is going on.”

“The same way it has always been clear and not new, that Israel intends to hold on to East Jerusalem as part of any peace deal with the Palestinians, despite Israel having no legal claim to the city.  Only Israel has the cards to play to achieve peace but is now more blatant about it than ever that it doesn’t want peace only territory,” Mr Reith concluded.

  • Well they've shown their ignorance. They called Israel "the world's last race based state". It's not the last…not even close. There are a significant amount of states who are based on religion or ethnicity; Saudi Arabia, England, France etc etc

    They can oppose an Embassy as much as they want but if Israel and New Zealand have established diplomatic ties then Israel has the right to have an embassy in that country and an Ambassador.

  • Strelnikov

    Raffe, do the English keep the Scottish in walled-off cities, and occasionally attack them, or assasinate Scottish leaders in Oslo? Are Britain's Muslims not allowed to have mosques? My point is that the citizens of Wellington know that Israel oppresses the Palestinians, they don't like it, and they want the embassy elsewhere. The comment about the "last race based state" is very true: Israeli society is a pyramid, with the Ashkenazi (European) Jews at the top, the Sephardic Jews in the middle, the Mizrachi (Oriental) Jews slightly below them, and at the bottom the Israeli Arabs. The pyramid sits on the shoulders of a mass of people, which are the Palestinians, outside the structure but held down by it. At least in Apartheid South Africa the Zulu, Xhosa, and the seven other African ethnicities were within the pyramid; both Gaza and the West Bank could be turned into free-fire zones by the IDF if they so desired. Would you want to put an embassy in a town where it would be a source of strife, or somewhere else in New Zealand?

  • ej

    What a dropkick you are Raffe.

    Saudi Arabia is a tribal fiefdom organised by the Brits and latterly reinforced by the Yanks.  It is part of the real axis of evil (which of course includes Israel).

    England is the country of the English, by definition. France is the country of the French, ditto. The 'core' English and the French are mongrel breeds, even before one adds the current multi-ethnic melting pot (which, next generation, continue to extend the mongrelisation).  Nationality is not based on religion nor on ethnicity, but on the people who live there and gain citizenship.

    Israel, unique, was conceived, established, and is maintained on the principle of ethnic cleansing. It's just too bad they inherited a residue of low life A-rabs that they couldn't kill off or force to flee.  But they're working on it.

  • EJ,

    You're absolutely incorrect to say that the English and French are 'mongrel breeds'. Nationality is, in many cases, based on ethnicity which is why many states still have a right of return granting instant citizenship to those who are seen to be ethnically French, German, Greek or Israeli.

    As Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish people those that are members of Jewish ethnicity are therefore granted a right of return to the State under the UN Declaration of Human Rights (A:13) which states "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country."

    Israel was not founded on 'ethnic cleansing'. If it was then there wouldn't be a non-Jew left. Rather there are more than a million (20% of the total population). I would also like know why the Israeli government is 'ethnically cleaning' Arab villages if it just spend almost a billion shekels upgrading a number of them. Never forget that it was the Arabs who went to war with Israel in 48, the Arabs who kicked out 850,000 Jewish citizens, the Arabs who declared war in 1967, the Arabs who invaded in 1973, the Arabs who have turned down a number of peace deals offered by the State of Israel. All of the Palestinian blood spilled in the Middle East has spilled due to the Arabs refusal to live side-by-side with Israel. For them it is not a matter of Jerusalem, Gaza or the West Bank but rather Tel-Aviv, Eilat and Be'er Sheva.

  • StreInikov,

    When you refer to Israel being a 'race-based state' and then you quote different levels of Jews (and non-Jews) and their placement in society that's complete and utter crap. The reason that there are different levels of society has to do with economic disparity and occurs in all states. Aboriginals here in Australia are at the bottom rung, Lebanese, then Asians, then Anglo-descendent immigrants etc etc. To say that this is because Australia, Israel, the UK or any other country are race based is nonsense. If it were race-based then certain levels of Jews would not be allowed to vote, to form political parties or to sit on the Supreme Court. In fact all Israeli's regardless of their faith or economic status are able to participate in the democratic process or can see a movie together or can go to the same bathroom and drink at the same water fountain. That is the very definition of a multi-cultural state.

    The reason that Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank do not have the same civil rights as Israeli's (be they Jewish, Muslim or Christian Israeli's) is because they are NOT Israeli. They are Palestinian and have their own government. Whilst those in the WB may be under a military occupation they are still able to participate in their own democratic process. It's not Israel's fault that the candidates all happen to care more about lining their own coffers with aid money for the Palestinians than they do about providing services.

  • Kevin Charles Herber


    The Kiwis leave us for dead when it comes to making public protests against the

    evils of the Israeli far right regime.


    Why is that? I sp'ose there no threast of electoral retibution by the Zionits as there is in Oz, or at least 6 Members for Israel in the Federal Parliament, when you count thoe rabid Christain Zionists Gaza Gillard, Rudd & the Abbott.


    How many other countries in the world  allow representatives of foreign governments (Brandis & the totally forgettable Labor Zionist ????) to sit as Federal MP's?

  • Mallee


    I am sure you are aware that in the US, not only are christian and non-christian zionists present in Congress in large numbers, but they also have a christian zionist as their Vice President. Many 'Congress people' signed a 'memorandum of allegiance/support', ( in effect) to Israel recently. That is how they raise the funds to be elected.

    That is why the US is often referred to as the United States of Israel.

    If Australia is a defacto subservient state of the US, what does that make Australia?

    Seems that many in New Zealand are not interested in being a defacto subservient state of Australia, thereby being a defacto subervient state of the US, thereby being a defacto subservient state of Israel. The whole show is probably then run by the 'City of London'  bankers who really could not give a fig for Jews, Christians or anyone else, excepting the industrial war machine people who could be anything.