Arabs shunned, Jews sigh

While legal challenges continue over Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank – and the vast majority of the Jewish Diaspora remains silent in the face of daily abuses against the Palestinians – a new report speaks volumes about the true nature of “democratic” Israel:

Jews live longer and enjoy lower infant mortality and poverty rates in Israel than the country’s Arab citizens, said a report published Wednesday by a watchdog partly funded by the European Union.

The report by Sikkuy, a liberal group that promotes reconciliation efforts, said that these and other gaps in living standards were in part a result of discriminatory Israeli policies in allocating funds to Jewish and Arab towns.

“Although Israeli governments declare they are committed to promoting equality among all citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, the reality in Israel shows equality is only in theory,” said Nissim Dwek, a spokesman for Sikkuy, which is Hebrew for “opportunity.”

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